Viet My Chemicals Group (VMCGROUP) is an importer and distributor of chemicals, industrial chemicals, solvents, flavors, additives, food colors and detergents with the biggest distribution system in Vietnam.

With the mission of being a “Supplier for all indusstry chemical needs”, VMCGROUP always brings to customers the best quality products and professional services to meet the higher satisfaction level.

Viet My Chemicals – VMCGROUP was established on November 29, 2008 in Nha Trang city – Khanh Hoa province. VMCGROUP is a leading distributor of chemical technology, we are always evaluated by domestic and foreign partners as “a reputable supplier – a reliable partner” with high-quality services in the field of industry chemicals, constructive chemicals, food flavours, food additives, food colours, industrial detergents in the national market.


Name: Viet My Service Trading Production Co.,.Ltd

Abbreviation: VMCGROUP

English name: Viet My Service Trading Production Co.,.Ltd

Address: 49 – 51 Ngo Van So street – Nha Trang city

Phone: 0258. 3 551 377/3 551 388/3 820 339, Fax: 0258. 3 551.666


Account number: 4700.201.004.733 At Agribank Khanh Hoa province.

Tax code: 4200.783.330


*Industrial chemicals

  •  Industrial solvents: Methylene Chloride, Butyl Acetace, Methyl Ethyl Ketone, Ethanol, Methanol, Iso propyl alcohol, Acetone, Hexane, paint removal solvents
  • Supply acid by can / drum / tank / tank HCl 32%;  H2SO4 98%, HF; H3PO4; HNO3
  • KOH; NH4OH ; NaOH 30%, NaOH 99%, FeCl2, FeCl3
  • Metallic salts PO43-; SO42-; Cl-;
  • Water treatment chemicals such as chlorine, clorrin supper, polymercation, poly anion, PAC, SDS, activated carbon, hydrogen peroxide( h2o2), Javel 7%, 9%, 10% …

*Vietmy food additives

  • Food flavours
  • Comestic flavours
  • Food anh industrial colour
  • Preservatives, flavor enhancers
  • Food additives for confectionery, noodle soup, meat roll, grilled chopped meat and fish,…

*Chemistry experiments and laboratory equipments

  • Xilong Chinese chemical experiments
  • Scharlau chemical experiments
  • Merck chemical experiments
  • Amersham / Amresco biochemistry and molecular biology
  • Duran / Schott, Kartell Consumables
  • Environmental equipment: pH meter, conductivity meter, turbidity, COD, BOD, stability meter, light intensity meter, wind speed meter …

*Vietmy detergents

  • Cleaning dregs in cooling pipes, boilers, steam keepers in thermal power plants and hotels
  • Regening I-on exchange particle
  • Designing and suppling water treatment system and water treatment chemical
  • Specialized chemicals using in industrial cleaning

*Vietmy constructive chemicals

  • Constructive additives
  • Sika waterproofing

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