Logo meaning

  • There are three colours (red, yellow, green) in VMCGROUP’s logo.
  • With VMCGROUP’s guideline ” that all you need is faith”, we lay the foundation of existence and development is to maintain the trust of employees, customers and partners. To do this, we always guarantee high-quality produces anh services that help both us and our customers to develop together.
  • That the hands of VMCGROUP satff coddle the fire shows that we always cherish customers’ belief. We choose yellow for hands and fire because yellow presents thriving. Red circle expresses not only employees’ agreement follow the company’s chosen path but also the disire to win and the global development.
  • The logo “VMCGROUP” with blue bold font shows a hope that we will strongly grow up day by day.
    The sail-shaped flame indicates our international approach and pioneering in the field of chemicals. The pigeon’s wings-hands show our affection and respect to the support of customers and partners.
    With the slogan “Keep your belief”, VMCGROUP always reminds the staff that we are unallowed to lose faith in customers and among colleagues.